Previous Speakers (LF '20)

Joe Castillo

Speaker, Artist, Motivator


Joe Castillo is a motivational speaker and world-renowned live artist. SandStory combines inspiring stories and music with live images drawn in sand and projected on big screen. The images capture the eye, the music engages the ear and the stories grip the heart.

Karen and Jim Kropf

From Positively Waiting!


Karen Kropf and her husband, Jim, use  the consequences of their poor adolescent choices as an example to challenge and encourage others to rethink their perspective on sex, love and relationships. Hard truths are delivered with humor and practical advice to which even the unchurched respond positively.

​The Kropfs have participated in LoveFest since the beginning.  

Grant Carey, DCE

DCE, Youth  Speaker


As a former youth minister (DCE), Grant Carey has worked with teens for more than twelve years and now trains college students to be children's and youth ministers, missionaries, and worship leaders at Concordia University in Austin, TX. His doctoral studies in spiritual formation have helped him understand and lead others to a deeper relationship with Jesus.

​Grant is passionate about taking about culture, sex, and sports and is excited to talk about Sex and Dating at LoveFest!   

NextEra Collective


Team of Solo Artists

NextEra COLLECTIVE is a team of solo artists that team together for a High Energy and Interactive time of music for youth and the family. You and your family will enjoy the original, upbeat pop music with a message.

Breakout Session Speakers From LoveFest 2020

Brit Coppa, Body Image Workshop Speaker


Vicar Brain Barlow


Gina Gleason, Executive Director for Real Impact


Karen England, Executive Director for Capitol Resource Institute

Mark Flath

Retired, US Secret Service


Vickie McCoy, Manager of ZCHLA Aftercare Program