She will have Real Impact

We met Gina Gleason at the "Let Parents Decide" Conference in August 2019. The focus of this event was informing the community about the California Framework, the guidelines to implement the California Healthy Youth Act. We invited her to participate in Lovefest'20: Rooted, to equip concerned adults, and provide them with options for addressing the issues in their own school districts and faith communities.

Mrs. Gleason is the Executive Director of Real Impact, and widely recognized as a pioneering leader in the field of Culture Impact Team training. The training helps lay leaders as they start church ministry teams designed to monitor cultural events, legislation, and elections for the pastor and the congregation. Gina believes pastors and churches are the key to leading our communities, states, and the nation back to our biblical roots and, thus, impacting our entire culture.

Gina and her husband, John, have been married for over 40 years and reside in Southern California.

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