Now More Than Ever

Just in the last few weeks, there have been some really telling cultural events you might have missed. For instance, the March for Life in Washington, D.C. was the first ever attended by a sitting president. There were hundreds of thousands of people who braved the cold to let the nation know, they are Pro-Life, Pro-Woman and Pro-Family.

While that message was reverberating, a decision was made by the NFL and FOX NEWS to reject a Pro-Life ad for the Superbowl. The vendor, submitted the ad (that never mentions the word abortion), last JULY. But were eventually put off with the excuse there were no slots left -- athough other ads were submitted much later and approved.

Meanwhile Candace Owens was "uninvited" from a popular podcast because she had the nerve to say, "Only women can have babies," and Starbucks UK announced they are teaming up with an LGBT charity, Mermaids, that advises “transgender” kids as well as connecting them to potential medical services, such as hormone blockers and “gender affirming” surgeries.

If you aren't defining and defending biblical values with your kids, the culture is more than happy to do it for you! Come get equipped at Lovefest 20: Rooted! There is still time to register!

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