LoveFest '21: Identity

Dear Family of Faith,

For many years LoveFest has been a dynamic ministry of Our Savior Lutheran Church of Arcadia. Countless teens and adults have been touched, not only by the message of sexual purity, but also with the reassurance that no matter who they are or what they might have done, they have a loving and forgiving God, and a Savior and Friend in Jesus Christ.

As soon as LF'20 was concluded, the LoveFest Committee worked diligently to put together our next outstanding program of speakers and workshops. It became more and more evident that, due to Covid-19, that LoveFest 2021 would have to be held virtually. When the Committee assessed the challenges of this type of program, we concluded that a virtual LoveFest was unlikely to have the attendance that would merit the investment of time and money required.

Therefore, after much prayer and deliberation, the LoveFest Committee has decided to defer Lovefest 21, while we consider the best way to move forward.

A future Lovefest or some other variation of outreach is under review. We will post updates here, as they unfold. Thank you for your interest, and please be patient as we determine next steps!

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