Another One Bites The Dust

In case you missed it, the Hallmark channel ran a commercial for, a wedding registry site which featured two lesbian brides passionately kissing. OneMillionMoms protested, and Hallmark pulled the commercials... but then Hollywood and LGBTQ community protested, mocked and threatened to boycott the Hallmark channel. Like Chik-fil-A before them, Hallmark had no actual defining belief or principle to defend, so they reversed their decision, and reinstated the commercials. Their statement after the hullabaloo indicated it was "keep-or-yank" based on whoever made the most noise. And as usual, the angry mob with the deep-pockets won.

This is a loss all the way around. The OneMillionMoms reaction to the commercials reinforced the stereotype that Christians/conservatives "hate" gays. Hallmark, until this happened, a leader in the "family-friendly entertainment" industry, proves they have no sincerely-held convictions and will bow to pressure on their pocketbook. And the LGBTQ community gains confidence in applying bullying tactics to silence anyone who disagrees with their view.

The real losers here though are those who hold traditional family views and values. We lost even more ground in the culture war -- and worse, perhaps heaped reproach on the name of Christ. The majority of American society has already normalized same-sex marriage. They never hear the arguments for the social benefits of legally sanctioning only male-female unions, therefore as far as the culture is concerned, there are none. In fact, they consider SSM fair, loving, and progressive, which means, by definition, anyone who objects or protests SSM is unfair, unloving and backward. Hardly the image ambassadors for Christ intend to project.

Reality Check please. The traditional religious perspective is in the minority now. To change hearts and minds, we must have compassionate, well-thought out and well-reasoned approaches. If that isn't your first "go-to" tactic, then please join us for LoveFest '20: Rooted to learn how you can be a more effective ambassador for Christ.

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