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What is LoveFest?

Since 2001, LoveFest has been a biblically-based all day event intended to address and challenge the current culture. Workshops specifically address sexual purity, relational wholeness, God’s design for gender and sexuality and much more. It's for junior and senior high school youth and their parents (plus grandparents, DCEs, pastors, and other concerned adults!)

The Topics

We're answering questions about what really matters.  

​Such as: Why be abstinent when everyone else is having casual sex?  What is "purity" anyway?  How much does "protection" protect?  Will recreational drugs or pornography really impact my relationship?  Who can give me clear answers about genders-fluidity and same-sex attraction?
Pretty much every difficult or awkward issue facing society.  Speakers have discussed cyber-dangers, cutting, depression, suicide and bullying.   Get medically accurate and factually Truthful information from a Christian perspective.

This event draws Christians of all denominations plus many guests who don’t attend church at all. There is something for everyone – delivered with humor, grace and compassion.

All to help families navigate the unexpected challenges of adolescence.