Dear Family of Faith,

For many years LoveFest has been a dynamic ministry of Our Savior Lutheran Church of Arcadia. Countless teens and adults have been touched, not only by the message of sexual purity, but also with the reassurance that no matter who they are or what they might have done, they have a loving and forgiving God, and a Savior and Friend in Jesus Christ.

As soon as LF'20 was concluded, the LoveFest Committee worked diligently to put together our next outstanding program of speakers and workshops. It became more and more evident that, due to Covid-19, that LoveFest 2021 would have to be held virtually. When the Committee assessed the challenges of this type of program, we concluded that a virtual LoveFest was unlikely to have the attendance that would merit the investment of time and money required.

Therefore, after much prayer and deliberation, the LoveFest Committee has decided to defer Lovefest 21, while we consider the best way to move forward.

A future Lovefest or some other variation of outreach is under review. We will post updates here, as they unfold. Thank you for your interest, and please be patient as we determine next steps!

"The interactions and talks at LoveFest were so fruitful with some fantastic people! I was encouraged by the other speakers, the youth, and especially the adult leaders and parents who made this a priority for the young people in their lives. Thanks to all who came out and may you be blessed, knowing that we are wholly fulfilled by God’s love that is seen through Jesus!" ~ Grant Carey

“I was encouraged by the parents who took time to learn more about the issues affecting their children.” ~ Gina Gleason

"I do want you to know that Love Fest is one of the real highlights for my year. What you are doing is not only well done but spiritually heroic. We prayed for your event before hand and believe that what you are doing is so vital that I believe it should be replicated in every church and community across the country. Thank you for what you do. Please keep us posted on your continuing ministry." ~ Joe and Cindy Castillo

"The day ended with an especially touching moment for me, as my life came full circle. I watched as a woman I had mentored as a teen and young adult, welcomed the opportunity to pass along the wisdom she'd received from me to a girl trying to find her place in the world." ~ Karen Kropf

One 17 year old male quipped, “I knew [sex as a teen] was a bad idea, but now I’m not even considering it.”

A 21 year old female said, “I went to many abstinence conferences that were OK, but this spoke to my heart, as I am in my first relationship.”

There were lightbulb moments, thought-provoking revelations and challenges to higher standards throughout the day. Parents indicated they were better equipped to guide their teens. Young adults saw the impact their choices make, on not only themselves, but society as well. The food was great, the music was pumping and God got the glory for lives that were changed.

Just in the last few weeks, there have been some really telling cultural events you might have missed. For instance, the March for Life in Washington, D.C. was the first ever attended by a sitting president. There were hundreds of thousands of people who braved the cold to let the nation know, they are Pro-Life, Pro-Woman and Pro-Family.

While that message was reverberating, a decision was made by the NFL and FOX NEWS to reject a Pro-Life ad for the Superbowl. The vendor, submitted the ad (that never mentions the word abortion), last JULY. But were eventually put off with the excuse there were no slots left -- athough other ads were submitted much later and approved.

Meanwhile Candace Owens was "uninvited" from a popular podcast because she had the nerve to say, "Only women can have babies," and Starbucks UK announced they are teaming up with an LGBT charity, Mermaids, that advises “transgender” kids as well as connecting them to potential medical services, such as hormone blockers and “gender affirming” surgeries.

If you aren't defining and defending biblical values with your kids, the culture is more than happy to do it for you! Come get equipped at Lovefest 20: Rooted! There is still time to register!